As a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner Libra IT is dedicated to deploy, configure, administrate and operate all Microsoft Products to the highest standards.



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Award-winning backup and disaster recovery software to protect businesses and their data, Libra IT is proud to partner with StorageCraft.


A Proud HP Elite Partner like Libra not only is educated in all HP Products and Proper Deployment but also here to consult the best solution for your business needs.




Being a Registered DELL Partner, Libra has the ability to provide you with all DELL products as well.


SonicWALL is a world class leader in security appliances and Libra is proud to be a dedicated partner deploying the best security solutions for your establishment.


Bringing world class protection software to businesses around the globe, Libra is a proud supporter of our partner and their diligence to maintain networks everywhere.


  Deploying the finest of emergency back-up batteries on the planet, Libra IT is a very proud supporter as well as partner.