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Silver Package

The Libra Monitoring Silver Package is specifically designed for companies with both workstations and servers who would like to assure their network runs at optimal efficiency through Smart Automated Tasks, does daily reporting on the condition of each workstation and server to be proactive as well as Asset Tracking among many other features that makes the Libra Monitoring Silver Package stand out above all the rest.

With Round-the-Clock Monitoring and Critical Alerts to your Email & Smartphone, you have the peace of mind knowing that if a problem does arise, both yourself and trained professionals have all the knowledge they need to rectify the issue immediately. Contact us today and find out how you can sign up for the Silver Package now.

  • Anti-Virus Pattern File
    Checks that the Anti-Virus is running on the most up to date version to ensure you are always protected. If not an alert is generated and your client portal is highlighted. The Anti-Virus is an “Add On” service to the Remote Management Service.
  • Critical Events Check & Reports
    Alerts us in the event of any critical events occurring so that we can act fast to fix potential problems.
  • Daily Anti-Virus Check
    Ensures that your system is using the most up-to-date pattern files. If not, it will send an alert so that remedial action may be taken. The Anti-Virus is an “Add On” service to the Remote Management Service.
  • Drive Space Consumption Check
    Checks whether the rate of growth on any drive exceeds your specified limit. This enables you to spot developing problems before they become critical.
  • Physical Health Check
    Monitors for smart disk alerts, checks if any disks have failed, and can even look for failed memory.
  • Client Daily Report
    A daily report of all the problems uncovered and/or checks passed that day. So that you know what we are fixing on your behalf.
  • Client Monthly Report
    A completely comprehensive view of your systems and all passed/failed checks for the mont.
  • Client Daily or Weekly Report
    A weekly or daily summary of the critical checks carried out throughout the week.
  • Daily Workstation Health Check
    Provides Windows service and disk space checks etc on critical PCs. Examples of critical PCs might include fax servers or time clock systems (i.e. always on).
  • File Size Checks
    Monitor the size of any file or folder critical to your business to ensure it is always within required thresholds or no strange growths occur.
  • Ping Checks
    Provides facility for up to five checks on network devices, remote offices, or remote devices.
  • Roll Your Own Event Log Check
    Monitor any program running on your server that you consider important to your business.
  • Windows Service Checks
    Checks that all windows services are up and running correctly and alerts us if there are any windows services down.
  • SNMP/Raid Array Checks
    Use SNMP to monitor a wide range of conditions, such as temperature on your server to ensure it is always in operable conditions.
  • WSUS Check
    Get alerted to out of date security patches on your systems so that we can get you back up to date.
  • Disk Space Check
    Pre-empt downtime caused by full disks and get alerted to disk space going over a set threshold.
  • Client Portal
    Gives you direct access to your own Client Portal so that you can see an up to the minute status of your systems.
  • Website Check
    Checks to ensure your site is displaying the correct results on either static or dynamic pages. If not you will be alerted to this problem.
  • TCP Service Check
    Provides facility to monitor up to three TCP ports such as ISP gateway, SMTP relay or POP3. Also provides facility for other custom TCP/IP port tests as needed.
  • Hacker Check
    Watches out for anyone trying to gain access to your systems.
  • Patch Management
    Patch management for workstations and servers are included.
  • Anti-Virus
    Anti-Virus licenses not included. The Anti-Virus is an “Add On” service to the Remote Management Service.
  • License Compliance
    License compliance reporting for workstations and servers.