Managed Anti-Virus

Let Libra IT Be Your First Line of Defence

Investing thousands of dollars for equipment and software to make a company run efficiently and productively is a stage every company faces at some point but they can’t simply invest and “hope for the best”. Insurance on the investment is considered common practice, so be sure your insurance isn’t holding you back.
Savvy businesses today are finding that getting their Anti-Virus from providers like Libra IT increases their network speeds, reduces company costs about 50% and in turn paves the way for more company growth. Libra IT offers enterprise grade AntiVirus, giving your business the edge your company was looking for.
Libra AntiVirus is an "Add On Service" to Remote Management
  • Thwart Virus-Related Damage
  • Maintain the PC's Security
  • Protect Against Email Threats/Spam
  • Protect Data and Files