Managed Anti-SPAM

Reduce Needless Mail Sorting

Statistically, the time lost for a regular employee per day for them to sift through SPAM is an average of 4-8 minutes a day when no SPAM Filter is set in place. It has become a “SMART Business Standard” for established businesses to have software such as Anti-SPAM software not only installed but monitored as well. This is an intricate cog in your establishment, which is as vital to your company as your computers are.

Having a SPAM filter on your server is the method most companies choose to start with but eventually find their server is starting to have extremely slow lag. When finding that their SPAM filter is being overworked, causing their server to drastically slow down, they migrate Anti-SPAM services to the Cloud with professional companies like Libra IT to not just increase company productivity, but to also reduce company costs.


  • Protecting your computer from viruses that gain entry through unsolicited junk mail
  • Hackers can use your inbox as an entry point for extracting personal information, including bank details and credit card numbers