Hosted Microsoft® SharePoint on the Cloud

Microsoft SharePoint makes it easier for people to work together by collaborating information into one place and keeping communication open. Using SharePoint, your people can set up Web sites to share information with others, manage documents from start to finish, and publish reports to help everyone make better decisions together.

Microsoft SharePoint has reduced the time to “search for the latest version” of documents, given the ability to see the changes made to documents over the life of the document itself as well as keep your entire team informed in one place of activities and notes. SharePoint brings a company together and unifies what everyone sees allowing organization and productivity to reach new and exciting levels.

Hosted Microsoft® Dynamics CRM on the Cloud

Driving your Pipeline with breakthrough marketing campaigns. Focusing on the right Opportunities to help close deals faster and exceed your goals. Deliver Timely, relevant and personal service across all channels. What Microsoft Dynamics CRM brings to your company is collaboration, unification as well as that boost you were looking for to get ahead faster.

With Libra IT Hosting and Maintaining your CRM takes the burden off you and gives you the opportunity to do what you’re supposed to be doing and move forward. Log in from any location, see your personal dashboard, your tasks and opportunities as well as your leads and activities! Everything you need all in one spot… it just doesn’t get better than that!

Hosted Microsoft® Exchange Mail Server on the Cloud

The Microsoft Exchange server is one of the most popular collaborative and messaging servers in the world. It is used by businesses and organizations utilizing Microsoft infrastructure solutions. The Exchange is basically the power behind all the amazing features of Microsoft Outlook.


  •  Web Email
  •  Web Calendar
  •  Web Contacts

    In addition to Email, Calendar and Contacts with push synchronization, Outlook Web Access offers a number of additional features, including theb following standard features:

  • Out of Office replies – When you are away from your email you can set a custom vacation response
  • Task management to set up one-time or recurring tasks – Never forget to do something again
  •  Using the Rules wizard you can set up custom email rules for managing your mail
  •  Access to your mail2web Mobile Email account settings through our custom interface


    And there’s much, much more. Outlook Web Access combined with the existing mobile access for iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile or other devices helps make mail2web Mobile Email the ultimate personal email, calendar and contact management solution available today.