Financial institutions must have the ability to store, retrieve, and analyze sensitive transactional and customer data in order to comply with regulatory requirements. At the same time, you must reduce costs and manage risk in order to achieve business success. The choice of communication and collaboration solutions is crucial both to ensure compliance and to make your business more efficient and productive.

Libra Information Technologies assists financial organizations to operate cost-effectively while applying the transparency, storage, collaboration, and mobility features that help meet regulatory compliance requirements, including certified email archiving. Scalable to support small accounting firms through to multi-national investment corporations, Libra IT’s offers custom solutions that are trusted throughout the industry.


Libra IT Compliant Financial Communication Solutions:

  • Mobile Email for iPhone/iPad, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, and Android devices
  • Outsourced IT
  • Email Archiving Solutions
  • Remote Management
  • Remote Offsite BackUp
  • Managed AntiVirus
  • Managed Anti-SPAM